Beautification Committee

  1. The Beautification Committee shall consist of the number of persons needed, but not less than three persons. The chair must be a member of the Board and be appointed by the Board. The other members of the committee may be from the Board or from outside the Board, in any combination thereof, depending on the wishes of the committee chair and the Board.
  2. This committee may create subcommittees at its own option, when needed, but any such subcommittee must be chaired by a member of the parent committee.
  3. New members of the Beautification Committee may be chosen by its Chair and each person so chosen must be reported to the Board for ratification.
  4. The objects of the Beautification Committee shall be to maximize the beauty of St. Ninian’s Cemetery in tribute to those buried there.
  5. Responsibilities of the Beautification Committee shall include:
    (a) Maintain an up-to-date master plan describing the proper placement and proper types of trees and shrubs allowed to be planted on the cemetery lands.
    (b) Maintain a work plan designed to achieve adequate progress on an annual basis toward reaching the final goal in the trees & shrubs master plan
    (c) Ensure the rules and regulations concerning trees and shrubs in the cemetery are communicated to those who need to know and that the regulations are adhered to at all times
    (d) All 140 + trees planted in the 23 years after 1995 were paid in full from donations received from invitations published in the Parish bulletin. That arrangement is to continue for all new trees to be planted in the future.
    (a) Ensure existing trees and shrubs in the cemetery are pruned, trimmed, sprayed, fertilized, weeded, removed or whatever on an ongoing basis, as appropriate, and as finances allow.
    (b) Develop a separate master plan beyond trees and shrubs for the proper handling of all other appropriate cemetery beautification matters.
    (c) Report periodically to the Cemetery Board of Directors the details of any significant beautification activities being seriously considered for implementation and give written explanations and recommendations for any related expenditures needed.
    (d) Carry out all planned beautification activities from both master plans when considered appropriate and after any required approvals are received from the Cemetery Board.
    (e) Resolve all problems and questions that may arise from time to time concerning trees, shrubs, flowers and other beautification related matters in the cemetery. If necessary, first consult with the Executive or the Board before dealing with serious problems.