Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I do when someone dies?

Phone the parish office at 902-863-2338 to make arrangements.

Contact a funeral director and they will coordinate with our office to make arrangements.

What decisions must be made?

There are two choices for the interment of loved ones.

  • Traditional burial: The body is laid to rest in a grave.
  • Cremation: The ashes of a loved one can be placed in a grave, or ashes can rest in the Columbarium.

Is it possible to make pre-arrangements?

Yes, phone the parish office at 902-863-2338 to discuss options.

Does cremation replace a funeral Mass?

No. A funeral Mass is the principal celebration of the Christian funeral.

After the purchase of a grave, does the purchaser own the land?

The individual who purchases a grave “owns” the right to determine who can be interred in that space. The grave itself is the property and responsibility of the parish.

Can I sell my burial space?

No. St. Ninian’s Parish Cemetery does not allow the sale of burial rights between private parties. If a purchaser wishes to dispose of a burial space, they should inform the Parish office of their decision. The purchaser will be reimbursed 90% of the purchase price, with the Parish maintaining 10% to cover administrative costs.

Can cremated remains be interred in an existing grave site?

Yes, each grave site can have a traditional burial and later 4 urns of ashes may be included in the same grave site

What is a Perpetual Care Fee?

When a grave is purchased, a portion of the funds received is placed in the perpetual care fund. The fund provides for the care and maintenance of the graveyard.

What is an interment fee?

This fee provides for the opening and closing of a grave or niche.

For further information, or to purchase a niche/grave site, please contact the St. Ninian’s Parish office:

121 Saint Ninian Street
Phone: 902-863-2338