Graves & Burials Policy

  1. Each new Grave sells for $950.00, which allows for two burials. Those can be a casket and ashes or two urns of ashes.
  2. If the first burial is a casket, up to four separate burials of ashes are allowed in that grave.
  3. If first burial in the grave is ashes, then three cremations can be added to this grave.
    Any future price increases will not affect the price of the first two burials in that grave.
  4. No ashes will be removed to bury a casket. Therefore, casket burials can only occur if it is the first burial in a grave.
  5. Additional burials, beyond the second, allowed in any one grave must be paid for at the time of burial and at the price then in effect for those burials.
  6. The current price for those additional burials is $450.00. No other pricing deals or quantity of burials are to be allowed.
  7. All burials require a fee to be paid at time of burial, unless a pre-arranged pricing agreement is in place. Pre-arranged usually means Perpetual Care payment of a sufficient amount is already in place for the grave(s) in question.
  8. No burials of ashes other than from human remains are allowed to be buried in St. Ninian’s Cemetery or in the Columbarium located on the St. Ninian’s Cemetery grounds.
  9. Absolutely no changes allowed to the above listed regulations.