Pioneer Cemetery Committee

The Pioneer Cemetery is located at 308 Main St. in Antigonish and that Cemetery Committee shall consist of four persons from the St Ninian’s Cemetery Care Company Board of Directors and three other members at large, unless otherwise prescribed by the Board from time to time. The Committee’s three members at large should not exceed the number of Board Members.

Non-Board members should have an interest in the Protection and Preservation of the Pioneer Cemetery.

The Committee Chair shall be appointed by the Board.

The Responsibilities of the Pioneer Cemetery Committee shall be as follows:

  • Report to the Board on issues arising with the Pioneer Cemetery.
  • Liaison with all parties that are using the grounds of the property, including the Knights of Columbus, (John Paul Centre), Catholic Women League (Opportunity Shop), How Club, and Town of Antigonish (Parking lot).
  • Promote the Heritage of the site with information and education.
  • Investigate all existing headstones and maintain a listing of the headstones for Genealogy purposes.
  • Develop a long term plan for the care of Pioneer Cemetery and the preservation of its existing headstones.