St. Ninian’s Cemetery Care Company

St. Ninian’s Cemetery Care Company is responsible for the cemetery’s operation. Incorporated in 1957, the Company’s mandate is to “manage, care for, protect [and] improve” the cemetery, and “promote the beautification, preservation, improvement and embellishment” of its grounds.

In 1970, the Company adopted a formal structure with the formation of a Board of Directors and appointment of a secretary/treasurer. Since that time, the Board has added a Perpetual Care Officer to assist with operations, and meets on a regular basis, striving to deliver cemetery services to the parishioners of St. Ninian’s in a sustainable manner and provide perpetual care for its gravesites.

The objects, aims and purposes of St. Ninian’s Cemetery Care Company are:

  • Administer the Corporal Works of Mercy for burying the dead and caring for their resting places, under the jurisdiction of St Ninian’s Parish, Antigonish Nova Scotia.
  • Acceptance of the responsibility for implementing this religious function under the direction and Supervision of the local Church Authority.
  • Provide an Environment appropriate for the celebration of the burial rites of the Church, for prayer and visitation focused on the Resurrection.
  • Manage and protect the cemeteries that fall under the jurisdiction of St Ninian’s Parish listed below, by Promoting and Preserving the Grounds and the Monuments within these cemeteries.

Listed Cemeteries under the Jurisdiction of St Ninian Parish:

  • St. Ninian’s Cemetery (Pioneer Cemetery) – 308 Main St., Antigonish, N.S.
  • St. Ninian’s Cemetery – on the South Side of Highway # 4 between Church St. in Antigonish and Highway # 7.
President: Tony Secco
Rector: Rev. Daniel MacLennan
Secretary: Bill Landry
Treasurer: Sharon Touesnard
Operations Officer: Donald MacDonald
Perpetual Care Officer: Elliot Anderson
Members at Large: Mary Bekkers
Mike MacDonald
Norman MacPherson
Bill Chisholm
Lauchie MacIsaac