Regulations – Cemetery Receiving Vault

St. Ninian’s Parish Cemetery Receiving Vault Regulations

  1. St. Ninian’s Cathedral Parish provides the service of a receiving vault located at the entrance to St. Ninian=s Cemetery, for the storage of remains during the period of winter months when cemeteries in Antigonish Town and County communities are not accessible.
  2. Funeral homes may access this service by an annual fee of $ 250.00 payable in approximately May of each year.
  3. Flowers may be taken to the vault for a funeral but must be removed by the funeral director immediately after the service.
  4. A lifting device is available in the storage area for use by funeral directors. All containers should be stored in the shelving area if space is available.
  5. Funeral Directors should acquaint themselves with the use of the lifting device prior to use. Mr. John MacPherson, who handles the burials in the cemetery, can provide assistance if needed.
  6. The time of removal of remains must be as soon as conditions allow in the spring. No remains shall remain in the vault later than May 31st of any year unless weather conditions have delayed all burials.

These regulations replace any previously in place for these matters and are effective from May 31, 2003 onwards.