St. Ninian’s Cemetery Columbarium

St. Ninian’s Care Company has recently installed a Columbarium as an alternative interment service which contains 60 niches (2 urns per niche) and as such, can hold 120 cremains for entombment.

The Columbarium is now available for use!

Benefits of a Columbarium

Environmentally Friendly

A Columbarium is a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional “in-ground interment” as it utilizes a much smaller footprint of land.

Spiritual Site for Final Resting

One of the principal benefits of a Columbarium is that it affords parishioners and their families an opportunity to select their final resting place in a sacred site of beauty and dignity where their loved ones can visit and meditate at any time.

Simplicity of Planning

The purchase of a Columbarium niche eliminates the pressures of choosing a burial site, casket and monument. Entombment and memorial services can be scheduled to suit family members’ schedules.

Substantial Financial Savings

By choosing the Columbarium, significant cost savings are realized in comparison to traditional “in ground” burial when considering funeral costs, plot purchase, opening and closing and monument costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Columbarium?

A Columbarium is structure composed of niches designed to house urns containing human remains (cremains), inscribed with the persons’ names and dates of birth and death. Columbaria are constructed to serve as permanent structures in our cemetery.

Why build a Columbarium for St. Ninian’s Cemetery?

The Columbarium has been constructed to provide an alternative for the entombment of cremains as there is an increasing awareness of the benefits of cremation. In 2019 the cremation rate in Nova Scotia was estimated to be 72% and approximately 50% in St. Ninian’s parish. Through the Columbarium, the St. Ninian’s Cemetery will provide its parishioners a dignified, beautiful setting for the housing of cremains, all at an overall considerable cost saving.

What is a niche?

A niche is the compartment of the Columbarium, which contains the urns of ashes and is reserved by persons purchasing a “Right of Use”. This is a legal term that reflects the fact that a person cannot “buy” any portion of church property. You do not “own” the niche but only purchase the “Right of Use”. Niche size is 12” X 12” X 14” for the housing of two urns.

Who may use the Columbarium?

Inurnment in the St. Ninian’s Columbarium is ordinarily limited to present or past parishioners of St. Ninians’ Parish and members of their immediate families. Requests for entombment of others, including those from other parishes, may be considered.

How many niches are in the Columbarium?

There are 60 niches in the current Columbarium, each with the capacity to hold two urns of appropriate size and shape to fit. Urns must consist of non-biodegradable materials. As demand dictates, there is capacity to add four additional columbaria of 47 niches each at existing site.

How is the Columbarium being paid for?

The Columbarium is being financed by the Cemetery Care Company from the sale of niches.

How much does a niche cost?

Each niche, holding up to two urns, costs $1,975 (No HST). This cost includes opening and closing the niche for entombment and perpetual care. It does not cover the cost of inscriptions for the plaque, which are the responsibility of the purchaser.

What will any excess funds from sale of niches be used for?

These funds will be utilized for the operation of the Columbarium, landscaping, perpetual care and the financing of additional Columbaria as demand dictates.

What are the future plans for the Columbarium site?

Future plans call for the installation of four granite benches and eventual construction of four additional columbaria as demand dictates.

May I select the niche I want?

Niche assignments are controlled by the Cemetery Care Company, through the Perpetual Care Officer, and are allocated in accordance with the desires of each purchaser on a first-come, first-served basis, determined by the date of a paid-in-full receipt.

What happens if I purchase a niche and decide later, for any reason, not to use it?

The purchaser should inform the Parish office of their decision so that the niche can be re-allocated. The purchaser will be reimbursed 90% of the cost with the Parish maintaining 10% to cover administrative costs and possible replacement of any plaques that may have been already engraved.

What if I have already made other burial arrangements and now want to be entombed in the Columbarium?

The payment you may have made for other burial arrangements in the cemetery can be utilized against the cost of purchasing a niche in the Columbarium.

For further information, or to purchase a niche, please contact the St. Ninian’s Parish office:

121 Saint Ninian Street
Phone: 902-863-2338